Reaching out to people of all cultures, for Christ.


The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Sakumono, exists as a well-organized, cross-cultural and a Living Church with the primary aim of preparing Spirit-filled, committed and genuine Christians who are equipped to impact our generation for Christ.


  • 1. Evangelism: Thus, the challenge of the great commission, knowing that people from all cultural backgrounds, matter to God and therefore should matter to us.

  • 2. Effective Christian Leadership: That identifies, develops and releases the individual gifts of each member of the church.

  • 3. Sound Biblical Doctrines: As the primary catalyst for transformation of the lives of individuals for holy living in the church. This is done through teaching and discipleship.

  • 4. Authentic Prayer and Worship: Effective fervent prayer and worship that inspires the believer and attracts those who are yet to believe.

  • 5. Relationships: By maintaining a united and friendly cross-cultural Christian fellowship, where every member is an important and integral part of the family.

  • 6. Holistic Ministry: Serving the needs of all people.

  • 7. Mobilisation of Resources: Material as well as human for the promotion of the Church's mandate.