The Youth Ministry is specifically for building and developing the young men and women in the church. Sandwiched between the children and adult groupings, the youth is faced with identification and cultural dilemmas, which threatens their spiritual viability. The teachings at the children’s Sunday school are too elementary for their standard, and yet the teachings of the adult ministry are not very suitable for their needs. For these reasons among others, the youth ministry was established in the church for the development of age appropriate programs to meet the needs of this teenage group.

Lessons taught at a typical youth class are directed to encourage the youth to live pure and holy lifestyles and to flee youthful lusts. Lessons are primarily based on biblical character studies on the lives of Joseph, Daniel, David, Timothy, Samuel, etc. The young men and women are also exposed to the works and gifts of the Holy Ghost, the various ministries in the church and the need to develop strong relationship with God.

In short, the youth ministry prepares the youth for the future responsibilities in their service to God, the church and productive citizens in the society. Every youth in the church belongs to this group.

We meet on Monday: 6:30pm